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“14 Years Age Difference? Yoona Is 14 Years Older Than Jang Won-young, Knetz Shocked

Knetizens are shocked that Yoona is 14 Years older than Jang Won-young despite their look…. Yoona really looks young ….

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Yoona’s face is really small

2. 14 years age gap?

3. 32 year old Yoona is much prettier than 18 year old Jang Wonyoung haha

4. Both had chins, but Yoona is really natural.

5. Yoona fans are usually a bit harsh. When they say she’s pretty, they slaps the target of comparison and raises it

6. Older women lower their bangs to look younger, and younger children try to look mature.

7. Jang Won-young is a Chinese idol, and Yoona is a Korean idol.

8. Yoona has to do well, she looks like a one or two-year-old older sister than Wonyoung.

9. When it comes to Wonyoung’s trending face these days, Yoona is classy and pretty. There’s an age difference, but I’m envious that it doesn’t feel that way.

10. Is the 14 year age difference real? I don’t think Jang Wonyoung has a mature face, but Yoona is crazy


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