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“16 Billion Won?” HYBE Invested 16 billion Won In NEWJEANS, Knetz Shocked

Knetizens are shocked when they heard the amount of money Hybe invested on NewJeans


HYBE invested 16 billion won in NewJeans, so they’re definitely a big hit.

Their debut album was a big hit, and within two months of their debut, they shot an iPhone commercial and became Musinsa ambassadors

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I think they will be even more popular if they release good songs in the future

2. They are really a big hit. There are a lot of people who love their songs

3. I really like their concept and songs

4. iPhone? Isn’t it a SKT ad?

5. I guess NewJeans will get a lot of ads in the future

6. HYBE is amazing.. They have a lot of money

7. Is Musinsa a global brand?

8. I read the article that NewJeans is Musinsa’s global ambassador, right?

9. 16 billion won.. Crazy

10. I’m looking forward to the future of NewJeans


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