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2022 Candidates For Male And Female Idol Rookie Of The Year Award, Knetizens React

Knetz are discussing about the female and male idols candidate for this year rookie of the year award

Female Idols






Male Idols





Knetizens Reactions:

1. Male idols didn’t come out in the large group, but now most of the main groups are large.

2. I really don’t know any male idols ㅠㅠ Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen any music shows, but I know all the songs and names of female idols.

3. Girls are fighting

4. I don’t know about male idols, but Ive seems to deserve female idols

5. I think Ive will get the award among the female idol

6. Ive feels unique

7. Wow, I know all the girl idols, but I don’t know any male idols

8. I’ve heard so much about female idols, so I’m looking forward to who they will be, and for male idols, there’s no group that really stands out, so I’m curious who will get it

9. The difference between male and female idols is too extreme

10. As for male idols, the only team I know of is TNX.


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