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2nd Generation Idols Used Other Group’s Members For Substitution, Knetz React

Knetizens are discussing about 2nd generation idols using other group’s members to substitute for them…


It’s Shinee, during their Ring Ding Dong promotions, some people caught the swine flu so they were using SUJU members as substitutes
“Ha…ㅠ When it comes to swine flu, the first time that comes to mind is that one of the members caught it during Ring Ding Dong’s promotion and (..ㅠ) Suju sunbaenims had to substitute for them in their stage”
“Not only Leeteuk Sunbaenim … Yesung sunbaenim also did Ring Ding Dong’s stage, he even danced to Ring Ding Dong at the end”

Knetizens Reactions:

1. As expected from 2nd gen idols… They were so good at real lives…

2. This was before I joined the fandom and it was my first time seeing this kind of situation, I still remember it
3. Hilarious
4. I was wondering ‘how’s that f*cking necessary?’ but maybe because it’s Suju who are substituting for them, I actually ended up nodding my head to it
5. I still remember thinking it was a collab and finding it fun. Everyone’s so good at singing
6. I still remember both fandoms at that time thinking ‘is that necessary? But now that time passed, it turned out to be a funny episode
7. LeeTeuk is actually a good singer

8. No but why are their live so good?

9. It’s true, they used to do that. I kinda miss it
10. They were live?! They were honestly amazing seriously. Wow they were seriously so cool and the fact that they were also Suju members? Anyways they were impressive


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