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4th Generation Female Idols Bermuda, Which Do You Like Most? Knetz List Out Their Favourite

Knetizens are listing out their favourite 4th generation female idols among the Bermuda line

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Nmixx! But, in general, if you say Genie, Seolyoon, Jiwoo, then Bermuda, those photos came out particularly pretty.

2. Looking at it now, Sakura Kim Chae-won Jang Won-young Ahn Yu-jin They were all in the same group Visually pretty, beautiful legs Members from IZone

3. IVE, NewJeans, Nmixx

4. Kepler, IVE

5. Ive New Jeans…. they are all so pretty and the song is so good!

6. Kim Go-eun recently said that New Jeans was the best, and I nodded too New Jeans Minji Haerin Hani

7. NewJeans

8. Isn’t that New Jeans’ Minji, Haerin and Hani?

9. New Jeans Bermuda, Minji, Hani, Haerin, I don’t know. Those three are the most popular and the best looks are the best, but Le Seraphim also has Sakura Kazuha, and the rest of the seats became ambiguous as Kim Garam left. Does it make sense without Kazuha?

10. Ahn Yu-jin, Jang Won-young, and Kim Min-ju were a legend as IZone


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