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5 Attractive Female protagonists In K-Dramas With Superpowers (ft. Gong Hyo Jin, Suzy, And More),

The lives of these K-drama female stars are more interesting than ever because to their remarkable powers.
Although romantic K-dramas are already well-known, occasionally a touch of fantasy can work wonders. In fact, it is a common cliche in Kdrama female leads to possess superhuman abilities and use them for the common good while snatching their partner in the process.

Here are a some of these well-known female leads:

Do Bong Soon – Extra power (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)
Do Bong Soon might be the first person who springs to mind when thinking of magical abilities on Korean television. Do Bong Soon, the female character in the K-drama series “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” is extremely physically fit (Park Bo Young). She is hired to guard the male lead Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik), who is the CEO of a game firm, because she has the ability to punch through walls and topple vehicles.

Despite having a powerful body, Do Bong Soon has a sweet and tender romantic side. Eventually, she and Min Hyuk exhibit strong chemistry, forming an odd but incredibly attractive couple.

Hong Joo: Dream-based premonition (While You Were Sleeping)
Suzy, the “nation’s first love,” changes into Hong Joo in “While You Were Sleeping,” a character who has the ability to predict the future through her dreams. The prosecutor Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) and the policeman Woo Tak ended up sharing this authority with her (Jung Hae In).

The three discovers how to work together to use their foresight to stave off unwanted outcomes and vanquish the horrors they face. The three’s love triangle is also one of the best in all of K-drama land.

Eun Seol: Detecting odors (Girl Who Sees Smells)
The female heroine Eun Seol (Shin Se Kyung) of “Girl Who Sees Smells” has the ability to perceive scenes as numerous floating objects, much like the title suggests. She specifically developed this power as a result of seeing her parents’ horrific murder. After being struck by a car, she spent six months in a coma before emerging with a green eye that can actually perceive odors.

Eun Seol can easily tell what someone did and how they are feeling thanks to the fact that each smell has a distinctive shape and color. She used her abilities to aid the male lead in his investigation of a string of murders.

Seul Bi: Touch-based prophecy (Jinxed At First)
Seohyun, the newest SNSD member, made a comeback in 2022 with a distinctly different function. She portrayed Seul Bi, a goddess of fortune who bestows luck and has the power to predict the future, in the drama “Jinxed At First,” in particular.

Seul Bi, who had been cut off from society, had always yearned to be free. When she met Soo Kang, she realized she had found her prince. Together, the two alter their own fates, creating an endearing and humorous love story.

Seeing ghosts with Gong Sil (Master’s Sun)
In “Master’s Sun,” Gong Sil (Gong Hyo Jin) also uses a superpower to help her find the love of her life. This is similar to the aforementioned characters. Gong Sil struggled greatly in life since she can see ghosts, and she frequently felt uneasy and afraid due to her persistently ominous vision.

But one day she realized that whenever she’s with the haughty CEO Joong Won (So Ji Sub), ghosts can’t bother her and she can have a regular life. However, Gong Sil’s presence also softened Joong Won, who improved his ability to love and enjoy life when she was around.

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