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A Chinese YouTuber Using The Handle “BTS Official” Has BTS Fans Infuriated.

YouTube unveiled “YouTube Handles” earlier this month, and on the first of this month, the new feature went live. YouTube handles are “a new way for consumers to easily locate and communicate with artists and each other on YouTube” and “another way to identify a YouTube channel.”

People can now tag artists or creators in comments, and it is displayed on YouTube videos as well as other videos.

There has recently been a problem after a Chinese YouTuber was caught assuming control of the username “@BTS official” and abusing the fact that it was idle.

Many BTS fans and even regular internet users believe the Chinese YouTuber chose the moniker “BTS official” on purpose to direct BTS searchers to her channel.

BTS’s Twitter handle is @BTS official, despite the fact that its YouTube channel is officially known as “@BANGTANTV.” In order to avoid any confusion, numerous fans are asking YouTube to remove the handle.

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