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A Korean Actress Whose “Addiction” To Plastic Surgery Cost Her Her Whole Career

This former “Korean Barbie” starlet from Korea has completely failed.
Kim Moon Joo, better known as actress Seo Woo, was born in 1985 and rose to fame through a number of well-known K-dramas, including “Cinderella’s Sister,” “If Tomorrow Comes,” “Glass Mask,” “The King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang,” and others.

With the release of “My Son” in 2007, Seo Woo made her acting debut. Seo Woo appeared for barely one minute, yet her doll-like visual caught viewers’ attention right away and allowed the actress to leave a lasting impact on the film’s directors Park Chan Ok and Lee Kyung Mi.

Early in her career, Seo Woo’s doll-like looks won her admirers.
Seo Woo had a fantastic appearance.
Seo Woo relentlessly sought out other roles after “My Son” to demonstrate her talent, and she soon landed the lead in the popular K-drama “Cinderella’s Sister,” playing the challenging part to perfection. After appearing in the highly regarded film “The Housemaid,” which was formerly a finalist for the top prize at the 2010 Cannes International Film Festival, Seo Woo later cemented her place in the acting industry.

The “most beautiful Cinderella” of Korean television was Seo Woo.
Seo Woo became a household celebrity in 2012 after assuming a role in the blockbuster “Glass Mask.” The series continues to be recognized as Seo Woo’s most lucrative acting endeavor.

Along with receiving several compliments for her acting, the actress was also well-known for her “doll-like visual,” leading some to refer to her as a “Korean Barbie.” Later on, it was discovered that she had undergone plastic surgery in order to achieve her current beauty, and that she had previously had a quite different appearance. Seo Woo’s procedures started to show obvious signs, which caused her beauty to wane and her expressions to stiffen. Normally, this shouldn’t be a problem. The actress’s age deception was also exposed, which permanently damaged her reputation.

Seo Woo, a once-famous actress with a strong resume, failed to win over the public’s contempt. Since 2015, the actress has only appeared in “The House,” which received negative reviews.

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