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A Mysterious Person Going By The Name Of “Wootteo” Has Shared A Video Clip Of BTS’s Jin Recording For His Upcoming Single.

A preview of BTS’s Jin’s recording for his upcoming single “The Astronaut” was made public by an enigmatic figure going by the name of “wootteo.”

A video shared on Instagram Reel on October 18 KST by the ‘wootteo’ Instagram account showed BTS’s Jin apparently recording for his next single “The Astronaut.” The mysterious user “wootteo” also put the caption “preview of the recording studio,” which piqued people’s interest in the identity of the account’s creator. To the disappointment of many fans, the video notably omitted to reveal the song’s music. Another reel film with the caption “Yes, it’s that person” shows Jin talking to his fans at the Busan concert about his impending solo album.

Additionally, wootteo published a number of photographs on Instagram, proving itself to be a fictional astronaut. In the photos, wootteo was seen sporting the same hairstyle as Jin in her very first Instagram post, making the peace sign, and even attending a recent BTS performance in Busan. J-Hope specifically asked, “Who are you,” in a comment on one of wootteo’s articles. Wootteo solely follows BTS’s Jin’s account on Instagram, leading some people to believe that Wootteo is a unique character Jin created to promote his upcoming solo single.


nline commenters said:

What is your name, Wootteo?

“Wootteo, who are you? Please elaborate.”

“Describe wootteo. LOL. I love it.”

“Sukjin, how are you? I’m very glad to have you! You are adorable.”

“Invented by [Jin] is this character? I love it. Wootteo! Lol.”

“Does Jin have control over this account? Love it, LOL.”

His speech pattern is eerily similar to Jin’s, LOL.

“How to use Wootteo

I’m very intrigued. Sukjin, please let us know!”

Wootteo and Jin have a lot in common, lol.

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