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A Photo Of Kyuline Having A Drinking Party, [Knetz]

Knetizens are discussing about Kyuline drinking party photo, they are all looking great

The official Kyuline minus Suho…

Please have these 5 do a collab later on. I’m waiting

Kyuhyun never said that Doyoung was in the Kyuline but ever since last year, he’s been hanging out with these members and personally, I feel like Kyuhyun meets a lot with his acquaintances!
People are asking what’s Kyuline and it’s a group that Kyuhyun and Changmin made..? There were people who bounced in and out in the middle too but the group has lasted over 10 years..~

Knetizens Reactions:

1. However, I don’t believe I can see any alcohol there. They all have various appearances. It appears that they are in a happy relationship.

2. I want to know what they’re eating. shake, shake

3. They ate Huo Guo together the last time they met. They appear to enjoy hot pot.

4. Doyoung was also a member of Kyuline? I was unaware that the lineup had been updated. Although it has only been a short time, Kyuhyun frequently brings him up.

5. Would they kindly provide us with something using this combination?

6. Who is the person on the extreme left? I’m curious even if I know the others. Doyoung NCT

7. Hul and Doyoung also joined.

8. Do they not all have fairly high alcohol tolerances? Does Doyoung possess a high threshold as well?

9. The man on the left and I want to get married.

10. Make sure to carry out this in Korea; please.


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