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“Absolutely Disgusting” Knetizens React To TWICE Chaeyoung’s New Tattoo

Knetizens are discussing about Chaeyoung’s New tattoo she is wearing, some likes it while many dislike it but she is beautiful

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s a tattoo artist’s style, but it’s blurry, so it won’t take too long to erase it with a laser later

2. Getting tattoos and filtering out tattooed members are all personal choices.

3. It’s a job that is shown to others, but it’s really strange to have a tattoo like that.

4. That tattoo is a bit repulsive

5. I’m sure I came here to see a tattoo, but her face is so pretty, I’m just crazy about it

6. Wow, the new one is absolutely disgusting

7. Tattoos can be erased, but people with broken hearts seem to have no way… It’s not a crime

8. It’s funny to see that Chaeyoung has been getting tattoos consistently from 2019 to 2021

9. Are you still dating that tattooist?

10. Bird tattoos are not good, but other small things are cute Carrot tomatoes are pretty, they match well


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