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According To NCT 127 Taeyong SM Can’t Exist Without Lee Soo Man, Knetizens Discuss

Knetz are discussing what NCT 127 Taeyong said about Lee Soo Man, he said he can’t imagine SM without Lee Soo Man….


On this day, Taeyong mentioned the news and said, “I’ve been with Lee Soo-man since I was a trainee. I can’t imagine SM without Lee Soo-man. I hope ‘Fast’ will not be Lee Soo-man’s last production,” he said.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Lee Soo Man takes good care of the artists, so I understand his thoughts

2. I can’t even imagine it, SM without Lee Soo Man, it’s so weird

3. Don’t worry, SM will be fine even without him

4. But why would Lee Soo Man retire?

5. Lee Soo Man should retire before SM becomes a Chinese company

6. I can’t even imagine SM without Lee Soo Man

7. SM, what happened?

8. Even I can’t imagine SM without Lee Soo Man, it’s really weird

9. From the point of view of SM artists… I totally understand…

10. I think artists really think this way.. Actually, Lee Soo Man treats his artists so well


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