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According To Park Soo Hong, He And His Wife Intended To Have A Kid Together.

According to Park Soo Hong, he and
In the most recent episode of “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant,” which aired on November 4, Park Soo Hong hosted a dinner party for a 30-year acquaintance.

Park Kyung Lim was the friend Park Soo Hong invited. Park Soo Hong made a number of delicacies for his friend on this day to show his appreciation for her.

Added Park Soo Hong, “My actual younger sister is Park Kyung Lim. On the evening of my worst moments, she listened to me. She feared that I wouldn’t have a place to stay so she even welcomed me over the holidays. I invited her because I want to prove to her that I’m getting happier.”

At their conversation, Park Soo Hong revealed: “I believe the people who have protected me the most are those I first met during my worst moments. I am very content.” Park Kyung Lim also expressed her relief at seeing Park Soo Hong smiling and her appreciation for Park Soo Hong’s wife supporting him through difficult times.

Park Soo Hong announced on this day that he and his wife are getting ready to have a child and that they have even been to the hospital. He revealed, “Not long ago, we visited the hospital. I and my wife both had health exams. We’re getting ready to have a child.” The kid would be so gorgeous, just like you and unnie, Park Kyung Lim retorted.

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