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Actor Do Kyung-soo and actress Kim Hyang-gi Really Look Alike, Knetz Discuss

It is not new to Knetizens that Do Kyung-soo and Kim Hyang-gi look alike alot….


Especially when they laugh

Ha, both of them laugh so harmlessly, it hurts my heart

Knetizens Reactions:

1. You’re pretty when you smile

2. It’s so famous that even they know it

3. It’s a word that comes up too often

4. I know you’re not referring to similarities, but this is so famous

5. No, the feeling is similar

6. This is a very famous classic resemblance I’ve seen 5 or 7 years ago

7. That’s why I like the scent because it’s pretty to smile like Kyungsoo

8. Already famous


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