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Actor Kim Seon Ho Is Apparently Planning To Return To Drama With “Haesi’s Shinru.”

According to reports, “Haesi’s Shinru” will mark the return of actor Kim Seon Ho to the drama genre.

Kim Seon Ho’s drama comeback would be through “Haesi’s Shinru,” an exclusive media outlet disclosed on October 19 KST. Studio and New representatives added, “We are favourably reviewing [Kim Seon Ho’s] appearance,” in their statement.

The romance historical drama “Haesi’s Shinru” tells the tale of Lee Hyang, a brilliant scientist who adores the stars, and Hae Ru, a mysterious woman with precognitive powers. The webtoon’s original artist and author Yoon Yi Soo, who previously created the webtoon “Love In The Moonlight,” will pen the story, which takes place during the Joseon dynasty. Lee Hyang, the brilliant scientist and crown prince, will be portrayed by Kim Seon Ho.

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