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Actress Park Hye Soo makes her first outing since the controversy over her involvement in school bullying.

Actress Park Hye Soo attended the “27th Busan International Film Festival,” marking her first outing after the bullying controversies.

The GV for the movie “The Dream Songs” took place at the 27th BIFF on October 9. During the occasion, the director Jo Hyun Chul and the actors Park Hye Soo and Kim Si Eun answered inquiries from the media and the crowd.

The actress made her first public appearance since being accused of bullying at school in February 2021 with this one. Park Hye Soo’s side vehemently rejected all of the allegations at the time, and the actress took a break from acting.

Park Hye Soo said on this date, “It’s been a while, and I’m glad I could join you all today. I am aware that some of you would be curious about what I have been doing. I’m doing everything I can to find a solution without getting around it. Please be a little more patient; once everything has settled, I’ll go over every last detail.”

She attracted attention as well after admitting “I wasn’t in good physical or emotional state when I began filming this movie. But while I was working on this project, all I felt was love. I had never shot an indie picture before, and I could see that everyone involved had put their everything into it. I’ll never forget those experiences.”

The Dream Songs, meantime, is a film about two high school students. The Dream Songs, her independent film, has a trailer down below.

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