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Actual Number Of Views Of K-pop Music Videos Excluding Promo [Knetz Discuss]

Knetizens are discussing about number of views of kpop music videos excluding promo

M/V “First Week” released in 2021-2022 Actual Views Ranking

1. BTS – Butter (235 million views)
2. Black Pink – Pink Venom (192 million views)
3. Lisa – LALISA (157 million views ) )
4. BTS – Permission to dance (152 million views)
5. Rosé – On the ground (95.5 million views)

6. BTS – Yet to come (90.2 million views)
7. PSY – That That (64.1 million views)
8. BTS – Film out ( 53.1 million views) 9. TWICE
– The feels (36.3 million views)
10. j-hope – MORE (32.9 million views)

11. ITZY – M.P.A. In the morning (32.2 million views)
12. Rosé – GONE (29.8 million views)
13. BIGBANG – Spring Summer Autumn Winter (28.2 million views)
14. TWICE – SCIENTIST (25.5 million views)
15. Nayeon – POP! (25.1 million views)

16. SPA – Next Level (24.9 million views)
17. Stray Kids – MANIAC (24.5 million views)
18. Ive – After Like (24 million views)
19. NCT DREAM – Taste (23.6 million views)
20. TWICE – Alcohol-Free (22.9 million views)

(Excluding collaboration songs/guitar videos, only official music videos)

Only 11 MVs with more than 30 million views in the first week of last year and this year, but
if you look at the table below, you can see this More than a dozen songs
In fact, tens of millions of views are included as promotions.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. That chart is still a successful idol, but if you want to become like that, you don’t have to have people listen to it at least once by running a promo

2. In the first place, the purpose of the music video was to promote the song, but I really don’t know what’s the problem with promos by spending money there.

3. Well, promos do everything domestically and internationally, but the problem is how they are counted in the charts

4. If you want to be precise because of the promo, I’ll write a bit that the body rankings and counting are different depending on the release date.

5. BLACKPINK is so dignified, that shame without a promo.

6. Why are the reflection days different?

7. It shouldn’t be reflected in the music room. It’s a no-brainer to induce clicks through publicity, but what’s the difference between this and sajaegi?

8. Even with that number of views, the promotion stone includes the influence of the promo.

9. The idol industry also eats money with money, and medium and large companies promote it with money, push and insert it with influence, and small agencies are being slaughtered, and there is no alley business that is pushed out by large companies.

10. There is no problem with the promo itself, but I think it could be a problem if the rankings reflect the number of views including the promo on the music room


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