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Aespa Karina’s Makeup Has Really Changed A lot Since Debut, Knetz Discuss

Knetizens are discussing how Karina Makeup is changing since debut…..


In her debut days until the end of 2021, they gave her harsh shadow makeup in official events and on stage

Black Mamba

Next level


Overseas schedule
They reduced the shadow makeup both on stage and official events and gave blush which gave her a more gentle look starting in 2022 until now

UN speech

Girls and Illusion

Most recently in PFW
In her debut days, fans were saying that she had the snake + kitty face
But people have been saying that she looks like a puppy recently

Knetizens Reactions:

1. She’s crazily pretty

2. I liked her style in her debut days, but she looks pretty in everything
3. In the overseas schedules, she looks like Park Siyeon in the second gif
4. I like heavy eye makeup so I liked her makeup better before but she’s also super pretty with the new makeup
5. Black Mamba and Illusion are both freaking pretty

6. She’s pretty no matter what

7. I like her with heavy makeup. You can feel Karina’s mood more
8. Rina-yah, you’re too pretty….
9. I like them both… Jimin-ah, I like you a lot
10. Fuck, is she human…fucking pretty


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