AFTER BTS, Winner Is More Popular Than Exo Knetz Reacts




I’m a bit curious to see that their fandom is so weak compared to their popularity and music performance ㅋㅋ Even the hit songs that come to mind right now are Lily, Lily, I’m empty.

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. Seriously, in terms of popularity, isn’t WINNER superior to EXO?

2. WINNER is popular? Isn’t popularity Mamamoo? There are only a few people around who listen to WINNER’s songs.

3. I hate it, are you enjoying this at this point?? Then you get hit with a boomer

4. It’s not WINNER, it’s TVXQ. If you were a girl born in the 00s, you must have liked TVXQ at least once when you were in school.

5. Winner of the Popularity Top directly recognized by Melon (average streaming of 15.19 million only with title songs produced by Seungyoon Kang, excluding I LOVE U). The heat of other fans is like acknowledging WINNER’s status.

6. But something is funny… The article is about praising Winner, but in the end, EXO and BTS are fighting.

7. Tsuni writes like a jerk. You just have to write that WINNER is popular;

8. Why do you have to bring in groups that get along well and make them insult you…

9. EXO-Winner-Bangtan-Wanna One-NCT? Genealogy of male idols that teenage girls like

10. It’s a bit funny to exclude those two in the first place heh Go to the muggles and ask the name of BTS or EXO, but don’t know WINNER…


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