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After Declaring MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Too “Greedy” For Her Singing Performance, A JTBC “Second World” Judge Has Angered Fans.

The most recent episode of the JTBC program “Second Word,” in which female rappers take on vocal duties, aired on October 18. Yubin was selected as the winner of the 1-on-1 bout by all 5 judges during a match. Many people were shocked by this since the judges had applauded MoonByul’s performance and “I’ll throw it away” (DISCO ver.) had debuted at number 51 on the global iTunes song chart after its release on international platforms. This makes the singer the only contestant from the “Second World” to chart on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart for her performances in the show for all rounds, in addition to making her the singer’s three songs from the competition to rank worldwide on iTunes.
Many moomoos, however, were aware that Yubin’s performance would make the fight for the round tough. Many viewers also noted that if Moonbyul had won this round, given on the overall points up until the Finale, she would have probably won the entire competition. However, many moomoos defended Yubin, claiming that her performance and stage presence were both excellent this round and that they are happy that it was her outstanding performance that defeated Moonbyul.

Many moomoos found it difficult to forgive the judge’s criticism of MoonByul’s performance. Many viewers of the show took offense at the judges’ claimed comment that the singer’s vocal performance was too “greedy,” given that the purpose of the competition is to highlight vocals and vocal performances. The singer’s ability to hit a high note well was also criticized by the judges, who claimed that it was evidence of her alleged “greed” during her singing performance. Many “Second Word” viewers were perplexed because they couldn’t understand how someone who was employing vocal trickery and singing high notes in a vocal battle could be vocally greedy. Despite the criticism, the singer still has 2300 points and is ranked first in the competition.

Many even gathered proof from prior performances where Moonbyul repeatedly belted and received accolades from the judges. She sang it before to this round like many other contestants before it unexpectedly turned into a criticism of the artist.

Fans are naturally satisfied with the artist not receiving any points if her performance is subpar. By singing high notes and utilizing vocal techniques used by other contenders during their performances, they have crossed the line and forbidden her from being referred to as “greedy.” Fans are therefore anticipating the issuance of a statement from the producers in which they will address the judge’s error in using the word “greedy” to characterize the idol’s performance.

The star also made care to make a fan cafe message to her fans, as if sensing their reaction. The performer informed her moomoos that even if she lost this round, it would be okay and thanked them for helping her get 300 points for the hearer’s choice votes. Since she still had her followers’ affection and support, she declared: “I don’t even want to consider how much trouble I’ll be in without moomoos in my life. I’ll improve immediately! “. She makes care to promise that she’ll do better in the subsequent rounds.
Fans are curious as to whether the judges will label anyone else’s performance as “greedy” if they employ too many belts or vocal style techniques as well, with the Death Matches beginning the following week.

However, because Moonbyul and Yubin are well-known friends and both of the singers gave outstanding performances this time around, there is no animosity between the fandoms of the two singers. Moonbyul and Yubin’s vocal performances have received praise from both camps’ supporters, who are eager to see them both in the final round.

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