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After Recently Suspending Activity Owing To A DUI Incident, A Well-known Idol Eventually Departs The Group.

Heo Chan, a VICTION member who recently suspended all operations owing to suspicion of drunk driving, will leave the organization.
On October 11th, IST Entertainment made a formal announcement, stating, “We would like to inform you of the group member change,” along with the statement, “Heo Chan has opted to quit the group.”

The agency added, “Once again, we would like to apologize for upsetting fans with this sudden news,” saying, “The decision was made after obtaining Heo Chan’s wish that he doesn’t want to cause more inconvenience to the team and other members’ comments.

“VICTION will be reorganized as a group of six members, including Han Seung-woo, Kang Seung-sik, Im Se-jun, Do Han-se, Choi Byung-chan, and Jung Soo-bin,” according to IST Entertainment. “The other activities in the future will be done by 5 members, except for Han Seung-woo, who is enlisting in the military,” they added. The 2022 VICTION FANCONCERT [CHRON

Finally, they added, “We hope you can continue to show interest in and support the members so that their efforts are not in vain.” VICTION members are sweating and working hard for the concert that many fans have been anticipating.

Heo Chan was pulled up by police for driving under the influence earlier this month while he was returning home from a meeting with friends. Heo Chan’s driver’s license was anticipated to be suspended after the police inquiry, VICTION’s agency stated at the time via the group’s fancafe.

Heo Chan later apologized on fancafe, writing, “I’m spending every day blaming myself and feeling regretful,” and adding, “I will bear in mind all the criticism and fault-finding toward my irreversible wrongdoing and live with deep reflection to become a person who is not ashamed of myself in the future.”

Heo Chan made his stage debut in November 2016 as VICTION’s primary dancer and secondary vocalist. After making multiple appearances as a competitor and panelist on MBC’s “King of Mask Singer,” he gained widespread recognition for his name and appearance.

The complete language of IST Entertainment’s official stance is provided below.

“Hello. Here we have IST Entertainment.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the fans who have supported our group VICTION throughout the years and to let you know of the following changes to the group.

Heo Chan’s departure from the VICTION team was decided upon following serious deliberation with all of the team’s members, including Heo Chan.

The choice was made in response to Heo Chan’s request that the team and the opinions of the other members not be further inconvenienced.

We would like to express our regret once more for upsetting fans with this unexpected news and beg for your patience.

In order to better serve its fans, VICTION will now consist of six members: Han Seung-woo, Kang Seung-sik, Im Se-jun, Do Han-se, Choi Byung-chan, and Jung Soo-bin. With the exception of Han Seung-woo, who is joining in the military, the future activities of “2022 VICTION FANCONCERT [CHRONICLE]” and other events will be carried out by 5 members.

For the show that many fans have been waiting for, the VICTON members are training really hard and sweating.

In order to ensure that the members’ efforts are not in vain, we ask that you continue to be interested in and supportive of them.

I’m grateful.

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