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After Ten Years, Seolhyun Is Reportedly Leaving FNC Entertainment.

Singer/actress Seolhyun has decided to part ways with her debut label, FNC Entertainment, according to an exclusive media outlet report on October 20.

Seolhyun, who debuted in the girl group AOA in 2012, is leaving FNC Entertainment after ten years. The two parties are said to have reached an amicable agreement to end the star’s exclusive contract by the end of October. Seolhyun will look for a new agency to help her resume her acting career.

Meanwhile, the singer/actress will soon be greeting viewers with her GenieTV series, ‘I Don’t Want To Do Anything,’ in which she co-stars with Siwan.

[UPDATE] FNC Entertainment has confirmed that Seolhyun’s management activities will conclude at the end of October. The agency expressed their appreciation to Seolhyun for her trust and loyalty over the past ten years.

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