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After The Trot Singer Declared He Would Not Be Performing For The Time Being, He Was Challenged By Two Middle-Aged Males.

Following Lee Chan Won’s announcement that he won’t be performing for the time being, two middle-aged men confronted the trot singer.

Lee Chan Won was slated to perform at the occasion on October 30 in the county of Hwasun gun, South Jeolla Province. However, the singer also walked onto the stage and revealed that he won’t be singing as the president proclaimed an emergency public discourse relating to the Itaewon tragedy and declared a time of national mourning lasting until November 5th.

Two middle-aged males in the audience accosted the singer soon after he got down from the stage, apologized, and said he would not be performing for the time being. As shown in the video clip below, they got into a fight with the manager who intervened to defend Lee Chan Won.

According to Netizen A, who was present, he was frustrated “The MC announced that Lee Chan Won will stop repeating his earlier song. It was a smart choice, and many festivalgoers agreed and applauded it until this incident occurred.”

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