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“All Weird And Rustic” Knetizens React To BLACKPINK 2nd Album ‘BORN PINK’ D-1 Poster

Knetz are reacting to BLACKPINK’s 2nd Album D-1 Poster BORN PINK, saying the photos is bad and even the styling is not cool. Blackpink has to change their outfits now

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Reminds me of a Vogue pictorial taken a while back

2. The styling isn’t great, but the members are cool

3. Everything here is good, but the poster is bad

4. BLACKPINK Hemeko, it’s like I’ve never seen anything so dirty..

5. All four look like an engineer cut

6. It’s so bad, hemeko’s poses are all weird and rustic

7. I really feel like BLACKPINK looks weird for the first time… What is this?

8. It seems like it’s time to change the outfit of BLACKPINK.

9. Index looks ugly for the first time; The photo came out weird

10. Composition is bad


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