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“Am I The Only One Who Can’t Tell The Difference Between Suga,Woozi And Hoshi?” Knetz In Confusion

Knetizens are confuse about Suga, Woozi and Hoshi resemblance, they all have round faces but some Knetz they are different and that Suga is older….

BTS Suga



Knetizens Reactions:

1. Is there a problem with facial recognition? enough to distinguish

2. It different, but people who can’t remember people’s faces can be mistaken enough.

3. It’s possible for a big fan, but it’s hard to tell the general public.

4. Hoshi looks slim and thin, and if it is the whole body or the side, the Hoshi can be clearly distinguished.

5. The Oldest Man: Sugar

6. Hoshi and Woozi are the same group, but I’ve never been confused while watching a video or meme, and Suga too.

7. Hoshi is much more agile. I can’t really tell the difference between Woozi and Suga. They both have round faces so they are similar.

8. Hoshi is the most handsome in that axis…

9. Hoshi and Suga, Woozi look very different, but Suga and Woozi seems to be a lot of people who think they are similar, but Hoshi is a little…

10. The three of them have something in common, they don’t look alike.


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