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American Magazine Criticised Blackpink MTV VMAs Lip Sync, Knetz React

Knetizens are reacting to Blackpink pink live performance for lip syncing at MTV Video Music Awards.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Anyone can see it live ㅋㅋ Everyone did well except for them.

2. 2nd place on the Billboard Best VMA after Nikki

3. BLACKPINK is a live dance performance, and the performances of other singers were performances without a very intense dance.

4. What Nicki Minaj did is live, and Blackpink is live, so it’s embarrassing. Why is Jenny panting for his part from the beginning?

5. I also like BLACKPINK, but to be honest, when I first saw the vma stage, I felt like my voice was buried because I put too much mr on it. The chorus was almost lip-singing. I admit that Rosé is really good at live, but the other three were a bit disappointing compared to the soundtrack..

6. The four female idols spread wildly and did a very good job, but the lip sync is tattered?

7. They couldn’t even perform on stage, so they were selected as Worst.

8. Even at Coachella, when Rosé takes off the mic and sees a song playing, they say they are good at live, but this time they are still good at live ㅇㅇㅇㅋ When Mais talk about lip sync, their mouths will still grow. Blink seems to have a disease of listening to lip sync live hahaha

9. When I saw the live cam, I knew it was live because the sound was so naked.

10. It might be live, but the backing vocals were so loud that I could barely hear their voices.


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