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An Actor Who Aspired To Be Like BTS Jimin Passed Away After Many Facial Surgeries

After having numerous facial surgeries, a prominent actor who had long struggled to become BTS vocalist Jimin’s doppelganger regrettably passed away.

The members of the well-known K-pop group BTS constantly strive to set an example for their fans through their personalities and fashion choices, and in some cases, they are successful. Some admirers, however, put so much effort into replicating them that they end up committing grave errors.
The unfortunate demise of a person who, like many others throughout the world, was always striving to be equal to or exactly like their well-known favorites has been made public thanks to the renowned publication Daily Mail. This would be the situation of a well-known Canadian actor whose attempt to appear cosmetically identical to the BTS idol failed.
Saint Von Colucci, a well-known 22-year-old Canadian actor, passed away on April 23. He had many facial surgeries, which left him with a serious surgical bacteria infection that ultimately led to his death.
The actor underwent more than twelve sophisticated facial procedures in an effort to seem like Jimin, including modifications to his nose, jaw, facelift, reduction of his lips, and intervention for an eye and brow lift.

His spokesman expressed deep sorrow about what transpired, saying: “He was quite self-conscious of his appearance. He had a fairly square jaw and chin, which he disliked because he thought it was too wide. He desired a V shape, which is the shape that many Asians have, according to the individual who broke the story.
No BTS artist has addressed the matter as of yet, but they will undoubtedly feel bad knowing about the regrettable incident that has shaken the entertainment industry.

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