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An actress accompanied a friend to a profile photo shoot, and since she was so attractive, she was chosen as the cover model.

Actress Park Hyo-joo had long wanted to be a ballerina since she was in school, but she gave up after developing spondylolysis.
She had originally intended to enroll in the dance program, but she changed her mind when she realized that her body was not suitable for ballet.

Spondylolysis is an uncommon condition that only 4% of people have. It happens when a tiny fracture or crack develops between two vertebrae as a result of a spinal condition. Most of it is inherited.

She went to a profile photo session with a buddy who aspired to work as a movie actress and afterwards joined the entertainment business. She was a replacement model who made her debut as the cover girl for that month.

She once had something to film in St. Petersburg, Russia, for a travel show. She remembered her childhood as she watched the program while looking around the renowned Mariinsky Theater. She inspired audiences at the moment by realizing her lifelong dream of becoming a ballerina.

The talent of Park Hyo-joo didn’t end there. With the publication of the essay “Are you like that, too?,” Park Hyo-joo, who formerly had dreams of becoming a ballerina and has since made her modeling debut and is working toward becoming an actress, gained recognition as a writer. I concur” in 2019. Her close friend Song Hye-proof kyo’s image that she uploaded on Facebook in response to the book’s title quickly gained attention.

Park Hyo-joo, in the meantime, moved confidently along her current course. performing as a detective n times! She has five children by this point and is drawing attention.

In the drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” last year, Park Hyo-joo made a strong impression. In the film “Delusion,” she made a comeback as “Hyun-woo,” a woman who was shaken by psychological pressure after losing a child.

The movie “Delusion” instills a feeling of dread as inexplicable events occur as a result of Lee Sak, who was adopted by Hyun-woo and Seok-ho following the tragic death of their third child.

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