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An Itaewon Tragedy v Victim’s Grieving Mother Sobs when She Learns That Her Daughter’s Organs Couldn’t Be Donated Because Of Serious Damage.

One of the Itaewon tragedy victims’ grieving family members sobbed as she learned that her daughter’s organs couldn’t be donated because of serious damage.

After the unfortunate event, the mother of one victim remembered that her daughter had expressed interest in being an organ donor and made the decision to donate her daughter’s organs. However, the hospital informed the mother that the organs of her daughter could not be donated due to serious damage.

Her daughter Park (age 27), who enrolled in a nursing program in Mokpo, Jeollanam-do this year with the goal of becoming a nurse, had told her family that she intended to give her organs. After hearing of her daughter’s accident, Park’s mother, who was unable to eat and was inconsolable, accepted her daughter’s wishes and made the painful choice to give her organs. The hospital said that she was unable to give her organs.

On the evening of October 29, Park was saved from the Itaewon stampede. She was given CPR and transported to the emergency room of the Seoul National University Hospital. Park and her college mates were in Itaewon.

Lim, Park’s mother, left for Seoul around three in the morning after learning about the tragedy. Park was still breathing on a ventilator when Lim arrived, but she was still unconscious. According to reports, Park was reportedly crushed by the mob during the incident at Itaewon alley near to the Hamilton Hotel.

Although Park’s family decided to donate her organs, the hospital informed them that doing so would be challenging due to the serious harm done to the organs. Park passed away at 5:30 PM on October 30.

Her family was even more devastated when they learned that Park’s organs couldn’t be donated because of damage because they could now understand the pressure that Park was under.

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