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“An Unexpected Combination” BTS RM And Cherry Filter Combination For A Solo Album, Knetz React

RM reports that his first solo album will be a collaboration song record with the band “Cherry Filter”

Knetizens Reactions:

1. He will be #1 on Billboard Hot 100 as a solo artist

2. An unexpected combination

3. I really like it Namjoon x Cherry Filter is a combination that I never imagined

4. Wow, this combination is so refreshing

5. I can’t imagine it, but I’m looking forward to it

6. I can’t even imagine what kind of combination this is!

7. It’s an unexpected combination, but I’m curious From Pharrell to Cherry Filter

8. I’m looking forward to Namjoon’s solo!

9. I’m really curious what kind of music will come out

10. Wow I can’t even imagine this


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