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“And Always Empty” Knetizens Mock TWICE Compare Their Concert Attendance To SNSD (Pictures)

Knetizens are mocking TWICE for comparing their concert attendance to Girls Generation


This is the current Girls’ Generation (16th year) performance

and below is Twice’s 7th year… Which one is the active girl group?

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The point of the comment and the author is TWICE, why are you so unpopular?

2. Now is Girls’ Generation~ From now on, Girls’ Generation~ Forever Girls’ Generation

3. Twice needs to reorganize their fandom and do a lot of individual activities to radiate their charms, so it will be maintained even a little.

4. Twice is for overseas

5. It must be considerable because there are various age groups of Sosi fans

6. TWICE members have the lowest net wealth! Even though TWA worked the hardest without resting.

7. Wool and always empty

8. Girls’ Generation is cool..

9. Everyone is so passionate…

10. Soshi and BLACKPINK, who hit the most with no fans, sold out gymnastics this year


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