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Another Dating Rumor Of BTS V And Jennie Go Viral, Knetz Gossip Again

BTS V and Jennie’s another dating rumor picture has been leaked, a picture of BTS V and Jennie dating on Jeju Island. Knetizens are reacting to the rumor…. see Reactions below


Leaked photos of a man and woman presumed to be BTS member V and BLACKPINK member Jennie on a date have been released.
On the 16th, photos of a couple presumed to be V and Jennie are spreading through online communities and SNS. The figure of V kissing Jenny’s forehead, which was revealed earlier, was revealed nakedly. The two happy-looking people also drew attention because they resembled the appearance of the ‘Jeju Island Date’, which was first witnessed by netizens in May.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I know that all celebrities are dating, but seeing the photos of them dating makes me feel a bit strange, but I feel like they know what I don’t need to know; This is too much of a privacy leak

2. Wasn’t Jeju Island the place where they claimed that they were filmed driving while filming their own vlog? that time

3. As long as you do your job well

4. Are reporters crazy?

5. It’s weird that BTS and BLACKPINK idols are comfortable hanging out outsideㅋㅋㅋ Of course, that’s why the photos were taken… I bet they were prepared for the rumor

6. Why are you bothering the two of them like this? Leave them alone

7. Well, V kissed Jennie’s forehead.. I still can’t believe this

8. They look good together, they have a beautiful love, and those who leaked the photos should be punished

9. The photos are so cute, they look like college students on a date

10. They’re both pretty, but the hacking leaks are so creepy


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