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Another YG-HYBE Pairing? Lee Chan-hyuk And Lee Sae-rom Have Been Linked… “Cannot Confirm,” Says YG.

Rumors of AKMU dating fromis 9 and Lee Chan-hyuk Lee Sae-rom was only recently born.
Rumors of a romance between Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Sae-rom have recently surfaced on the internet. A netizen recently revealed that they saw the two together at a workshop. Internet users claimed that Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Sae-rom did not even hide their relationship by posting evidence of their ‘Lovestagram’ moments.

Lee Chan-agency, hyuk’s YG Entertainment, issued a brief statement on October 20th, saying, “We cannot confirm the rumor as it is related to the artist’s private life.” Meanwhile, Pledis Entertainment (HYBE), Lee Sae-agency, rom’s has remained silent.

In addition, Lee Chan-hyuk said on MBC’s “I Live Alone,” which aired on October 14th, “It’s difficult to stay at home alone.” I’ve met many people, but I believe that only one relationship is the most important in my life. It’s the relationship with someone who will always be with me. It’s my wife calling. My ambition is to raise a happy family. If I find the right person for me, I want to marry the next day. “My only dream is to get married.” As dating rumors spread, viewers are revisiting Lee Chan-remark hyuk’s on the show.

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