‘Appearance, Relational, Narrative’ Knetz Says What’s Impressive About SEVENTEEN

If you look at the concepts SEVENTEEN did, there was no concept that would openly sniper otaku (except Hot). But among the fans, there are a lot of otaku origins (mainly 2D). I’m curious about what SEVENTEEN has that touches the hearts of otaku. Handsome looks? A strong bond that can only be seen in young boy cartoons?

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. Relational group system? Self-produced etc. Haha And the feeling of growing up as a boy and feeling of youth

2. The members’ personalities are like cartoon characters, and the relationship is really just for youth growth.

3. Appearance Relational Epic Jacquen

4. There are a lot of people who have moved on to going now, but before that, there was a lot of 2D inflow because of the visual coexistence of 2D and 3D, the strong relationship, and the narrative like sports anime.

5. Synergy on stage

6. There were a lot of compilations of this on Twitter, but the relationship and character of each member

7. I like it because it feels like grown up characters in a boy cartoon

8. Character is important. There are 13 people with strong personalities, and all of them have relationships, narratives, and bonds that only appear in a teenage boy cartoon

9. Glasses, long-haired, passionate, mixed-race… Each member has a really distinct character and a big personality

10. Appearance Relational Narrative


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