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“Are They Lesbians?” Knetizens Discuss About BLACKPINK Jennie And Lisa Relationship

Knetz are talking about Jennie and Lisa relationship, it seems they are too close than others in the group.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Seriously…it’s nice to have someone selling Genrisa on the board. Rap duo who rips the stage coolly the two of them are still in the middle

2. It’s Blink, but these two aren’t very close

3. Are you a lesbian?

4. These two evil villains are the problem.

5. Jenny flirting with Lisa at the airport??

6. I really fell in love with the two of them rapping in this song..

7. Give them a song full of rap.. Isn’t that rap skill worth it..?

8. I personally love Jennie Rosé Unit Johnver

9. Both have the same nationality.

10. The two of them are kind of hot… I think if we do a duo, we’ll really tear it apart


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