ARMYs and BLINKS Unite Against YG/HYBE Over BTS V and Jennie

There have been several leaks and controversies surrounding BTS’s Kim Taehyung and BLACKPINK’s Jennie relationship in recent times. As it seems, there is always one news story or the other coming out every single day about these two dating secretly due to the continuous release of several pictures which are usually selfies showing they are in some sizzling romance. The fans have been concerned since these said ‘leaks’ have been coming out, some are worried maybe one of the two idols have been hacked or there is some photo editor defaming these with fake pictures in the media. HYBE and YG entertainment are two of the biggest record labels in K-pop and they don’t often respond to controversies like this but the fans believe things have gotten serious enough for the two labels to address this issue as they are worried for the two idols V and Jennie. Look at the tweets that have been trending on twitter for hours now.




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