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ASTRO Rocky’s Management Addresses A dyating Rumor And Claims That The Hero Is Still Getting To Know’ Actress Park Boyun.

The actress’s alleged relationship with Rocky from ASTRO has been rejected by Park Boyun’s agency, however this does not necessarily disprove the allegations.

According to a statement made public by Fantagio on October 31 KST, “Rocky and actress Park Boyun are now in the stage of getting to know one other little by little with nice feelings.”

The two met through their web drama ‘Find Me If You Can,’ according to the statement. Following that, Park Boyeon, who adores writing, joined Rocky’s music project organically, which is how the two got along.

It is a shame to have to communicate this news during the season of national mourning, when we have to express our regrets and condolences, the agency wrote in its final acknowledgement of the Itaewon tragedy. We beg for their patience while we delay making our announcement.

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