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Attention Is Drawn To The Celebrity’s Identity Who Traveled To Korea Alongside BIGBANG’s G-Dragon.

This famous person took a flight from Paris with G-Dragon.
BIGBANG’s G-Dragon arrived in Korea via Incheon International Airport on October 4. He recently had a great time in France, in Paris.

In a black outfit and sunglasses, G-Dragon emerged from the arrivals gate and left the airport while being encircled by a sizable crowd. A tall, attractive man who went home with G-Dragon was also seen behind him and attracted attention.

As the crowds gathered around G-Dragon, this man quickly escaped the chaotic scene at the airport. This sparked an unexpected manhunt when reporters and some fans noticed it.

The same day, Newsen released a video of G-entrance Dragon’s that also featured a scene in which reporters shouted “Wait a minute” and pursued this man. Additionally, the journalists warned the man, “Soo Hyuk, if you run like that…”

Lee Soo Hyuk, a model-turned-actor, is the man in question.

Rushing to the vehicle, Lee Soo Hyuk managed to enter it unharmed. Following the fan greeting, G-Dragon got into the same car and drove away from the airport.

The entertainment industry has long recognized Lee Soo Hyuk and G-Dragon as a best friend duo. This year, they turn 34 years old. They recently traveled to France and posted on Instagram about their daily travel experiences.

In 2012, Lee Soo Hyuk said, “I’m best friends with Big Bang’s TOP and G-Dragon,” during an appearance on SBS’s “Strong Heart.” When we were young, we connected after meeting while hanging out. He added that G-Dragon prefers to watch movies and have tea conversations instead of drinking.

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