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Bang Si Hyuk Creates Excitement By Actively Participating In LE SSERAFIM’s upcoming Album ‘Antifragile.’

Bang Si Hyuk, also known as “Hitman Bang,” has been credited with two tracks on LE SSERAFIM’s upcoming album ‘Antifragile,’ which has sparked interest.
The tracklist for LE SSERAFIM’s upcoming second album, ‘Antifragile,’ was released on October 3 KST. The tracklist image revealed that the mini album will contain five songs: “The Hydra,” “Antifragile,” “Impurities,” “No Celestial,” and “Good Parts (when the quality is bad but I am).” Bang Si Hyuk, in particular, was credited as a producer on the title track “Antifragile” and the B-side track “Impurities,” which sparked interest.

Bang Si Hyuk rose to prominence as a successful music producer before launching Big Hit Entertainment and, later, HYBE Labels. Bang Si Hyuk is also known as the “Father of BTS,” so his active participation in HYBE Labels artist LE SSERAFIM’s upcoming album heightened interest.

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