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Best Korean Drama And Movie 2022, Knetizens Debate

Knetz are discussing which Korean and drama and movie is the best this year


I wonder if the drama is my liberation, the movie decides to break up

Knetizens Reactions:

1. There is no drama, the movie is Hunt

2. There are no movies, so I’ll just pick two dramas, Yumse and Woo Young-woo.

3. I don’t know about the drama, but Secret Forest 1? I was a little surprised when I saw the movie, but it’s well made, so I have to say there aren’t any useless scenes.

4. Secret Forest

5. I’ve never seen a movie, but this year’s drama, Boy Judge My Star, Woo Young-woo, there are three!!!!

6. There is no drama.. The most interesting movie was Top Gun

7. There is no movie yet, and the drama is to my star.

8. Drama My Liberation Journal / The movie is stil

9. Kingmaker

10. This year’s drama is still evil.


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