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BLACKPINK, 2nd Regular Album (BORN PINK) Pre-order Exceed 2 Million Copies, Knetz React

[OSEN=Reporter Jimin-kyung] YG Entertainment announced on the 25th that the pre-orders for BLACKPINK’s 2nd regular album ‘BORN PINK’ have exceeded 2 million copies. This is the highest record for a K-pop female artist in history.

This album previously recorded 1.5 million pre-orders within a week of the start of pre-orders, heralding an unexpected surge of popularity. As there are about three weeks left until the album release date (September 16), it is worth looking forward to selling more than 3 million copies in addition to the already confirmed ‘double million seller’ title.

Blackpink won the first million-seller title of a K-pop girl group with their first full-length album ‘THE ALBUM’ in 2020. Considering the stronger fandom than at the time and Blackpink’s elevated status in the global music market, industry observes that this is not an impossible figure.

In particular, the digipack version, which was recently opened after the regular 2nd album, BOX SET, KiT, and LP, is rapidly increasing sales, so the final order volume is expected to increase further. In addition, it is expected that more positive synergies will be created when their full-fledged activities, including the world tour of 1.5 million people, start.

Blackpink is confirming its overwhelming presence in the mainstream pop market with the pre-released song ‘Pink Venom’. This song was the first Korean artist to top the Spotify Top Songs Global Chart for 3 days in a row, and it also predicted good results on the world’s two largest pop charts, the US Billboard and the UK Official Chart.

The music video for ‘Pink Venom’ also broke the world record for a female artist in this category with about 90.4 million views within 24 hours of its release. After that, the music video broke 100 million views in 29 hours and 35 minutes, breaking the record for the shortest time in a K-pop girl group.

Blackpink is driving this momentum and spurring the enthusiasm for their 2nd full-length album. YG said, “The filming of the music video for the title song went smoothly yesterday (24th). All the songs on the album are the crystals that will write a new history for BLACKPINK, but especially the title song is the best.”

On the other hand, Blackpink will depart today (25th) for the stage of ‘MTV VMAs’ held at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, USA on August 28 (local time) and the regular 2nd album promotion schedule. Many fans are paying attention to the steps of these people who will be able to digest their tight schedule.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. 2 million???? Wow

2. No, really, there are still 3 pre-orders left

3. That’s a decent number

4. There are still 3 weeks left and I can’t wait to see how much more they sell.

5. It’s surprising that there’s still quite a bit of time left.

6. If they aren’t the top group, who is the top group?? 👌👌👌

7. It seems like a top-notch group

8. Buy more, let’s set a record this time, BLACKPINK 🖤💖

9. With this momentum, I think the first 2 million copies would be a challenge, but looking at the statistics for the first 2 million copies, it was only BTS and Seventeen.

10. That’s great Blackpink When did you jump? it’s really great


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