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In Pictures: KNetizens are reacting to Blackpink new Venom posters

KNetizens are reacting to Blackpink pink Venom’s poster #2. The visuals are just crazy.. They are all beautiful. See Photos and knetz reactions below…

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. She looks like some kind of foreign actress, she’s pretty

2. Rosé is crazy ㅜㅜㅜㅜ She’s so cute

3. No, really isn’t that crazy? Oh, I listened to the song teaser quickly. I’m really crazy.

4. The real blackpink atmosphere and aura are really… I can’t keep up with this

5. The visuals are crazy, just… haha..😥🖤

6. I’ve felt it before, but Blackpink seems to like the teaser of Eolpakshot every time

7. It seems like every time it comes out, it comes out just right.

8. If it’s Venom, does Jenny’s wearing a hoodie represent Tom Hardy?

9. Blackpink is blackpink… Well, it’s just a silly photo (I know it’s a hemeko pong) The vibe and the force…

10. BLACKPINK is a really strange group. Just looking at the teaser, you can feel the atmosphere of the music.


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