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Blackpink Is Still Doing Well, Even After Making A Comeback After 1 yearAnd 1o Months

BLACKPINK is #1 Melon’s entry number of unique users in 2022

BLACKPINK is #2 in terms of number of users in the first 24 hours on Melon in 2022

BLACKPINK is #7 in terms of highest number of daily users on Melon in 2022

2nd place on Melon daily / 1st place on Genie daily

YouTube views in 24 hours (3rd of all time)

#1 trending on YouTube in 59 countries out of 94 countries

First K-Pop girl group to reach #1 on iTunes UK Albums and Songs chart

Girl group ranked #1 on US iTunes chart for the first time in 2 years

Also, they’re #1 on iTunes charts in 74 countries including US and UK

These are records that came out within 24 hours of release.

For your reference, this new song is a pre-release and will come back with a new title song from the 2nd regular album at 1pm on 9/16 (Fri).

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The Attention is so strong haha

2. Originally, the 2nd and 3rd weeks of melon are peak these days..

3. It’s not pretty, it’s just great, but
with a singer like BLACKPINK, the hiatus is really too much

4. Usually, an artist who writes songs and composes has a comeback cycle of at least two years. Korean idols are too fast.

5. It’s really funny to see people who don’t know what they say that they aren’t number 1 right now.. The grades are good hahaha

6. Awesome, it’s a pre-release song

7. BLACKPINK unexpectedly didn’t take first place in Korea’s digital music charts. Still, it’s a high-ranking girl group on the music chart, so it’s coming out well.

8. BLACKPINK really looks like they going to die in Theku

9. To scratch with melon, female idols take turns taking first place right now, but there aren’t any female idols who take pictures anywhere near me.

10. BLACKPINK is also great, but when I saw Big Bang’s music score, I was surprised to hear that…


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