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BLACKPINK Jennie Blocked All Followers On Her Private Instagram Account, Knetz Worried

Knetizens are reacting and getting worried for Jennie as she deleted her private Instagram account and unfollowed anyone on Instagram too….


She was hacked the day before yesterday. The leaker mentioned the name Lee Joo Hyung, who’s actually a mutual friend of both V and Jennie Jennie blocked all of her followers on her private Instagram account. She also unfollowed everyone

Knetizens Reactions:

1. To be honest, she has to endure such negative comments from the public, it must have been hard on her mentally…

2. Seriously, hackers are evil.. It’s been a few months

3. I really feel bad for Jennie

4. Do you know the cameraman who followed Jennie to Jeju? Is he Lee Joo Hyung? And he’s the one who took the picture of V kissing Jennie

5. I’m really worried about Jennie.. I can’t even imagine how Jennie feels

6. But it would be better if she left the group..???

7. She must be really stressed

8. Maybe it’s a contract renewal problem, it’s strange to go back

9. Don’t get hacked, just leave

10. What the hell is the agency doing?


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