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BLACKPINK Jennie Gifted Her Manager IPhone 14 Pro Max, Knetz React

Jennie gave her manager iPhone 14 Pro Max and many gifts to YG Staff, Knetizens are jealous of them and praising Jennie for her kindness


Jennie gifted an iPhone 14 Pro Max to her manager

I think she gave it to her manager. I’m so jealous of the manager’s Instagram story…

Knetizens Reactions:

1. BLACKPINK has the most money among girl groups of all time.

2. Blackpink seems to really take good care of the staff

3. Blackpink sucks on YouTube

4. Jenny is now hot as if she is being pushed by Jang Won-young, but pretty newcomers are coming.

5. iPhone 14 already out?

6. It’s because the manager has so many secrets that he personally protects, and he brings a lot of things to his personal schedule

7. It’s nice to see what you’re doing to the people around you

8. BLACKPINK is the best really

9. All of the children seem to take good care of those around them

10. Jisoo’s manager’s Instagram also comes up with a lot of gift certificates


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