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BLACKPINK Jisoo Does Not Believe In Male-Female Companionship, Sparking Controversy

Jisoo, a member of the girl group BLACKPINK, has stated that she does not believe in male-female friendships, igniting a heated debate on social media among admirers and netizens.

The South Korean artist surprised viewers on the most recent episode of the YouTube show ‘Ding University’ by disclosing that she had never considered that a relationship between people of different sexes could develop into a true friendship.
In a conversation with the show’s host Kim Jim Woo, Jisoo revealed her opinion on male-female friendship relationships

Personally, I don’t think women and men can just be friends, he is my friend, and I can be his friend because I have known him for more than 10 years“, the idol said.

If I could ask ‘How are you,’ from time to time, irregularly, and neither party feels pressured to keep in touch, but we still feel comfortable, then I consider him a friend.”

Many on social media disagreed with Jisoo’s viewpoint, stating that they do not believe that this type of relationship exists only when both parties like each other. Others have expressed complete accord with the BLACKPINK member.

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