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BLACKPINK Jisoo’s massive TMI reveal, “lower-body bath six times a week” and “obsessed to Pilates”

Jisoo of BLACKPINK disclosed numerous TMIs regarding her life and self-care.
The Marie Claire Korea YouTube channel published a video titled “There is a TMI that BLINK does not yet know? Brief interview with JISOO

Jisoo of BLACKPINK responded to a variety of questions and disclosed TMI about her life in the video.

First, when asked if she recently began anything new, Jisoo responded, “I just started Pilates, and I’m working very hard. I’m addicted to it and engage in it three to four times every week.”

The female idol then selected Hawaii as the location where she would like to travel again, stating, “I adore Hawaii so much that I wish to visit there again.”

Then, Jisoo was asked to reveal a TMI that her fans haven’t known, to which she responded, “I think they may know, but it occurred to me that I take a lower-body bath approximately five to six times per week. This data is absolutely arbitrary.”

Regarding the diet she has been adhering to recently, Jisoo stated, “The only food that comes to mind is kimbap. I’ve always enjoyed kimbap, and I believe it’s become more of a comfort dish because I eat it so frequently these days.

Jisoo stated that she lately enjoyed watching “Yumi’s Cells” on TVING. “I was a fan of the original webcomic, so I’ve been anticipating the adaptation ever since it was announced. I thoroughly loved viewing season two.”

When asked how she spends her time during the holidays, Jisoo described herself as a “homebody” and responded, “I want to have a wonderful meal or lay at home all day. I’ve been catching up on films and television series I haven’t seen yet.

Jisoo stated, “Even if I have to work late and arrive home at dawn, I always spend an hour or two by myself. I must do something similar to end the day with a positive disposition. Whether I’m lying down or listening to music, I experience a sense of healing.

On the other hand, Jisoo’s group BLACKPINK will release their second studio album “BORN PINK” on September 16 at 1pm (KST).

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