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BLACKPINK Member Featured In New Car Brand’s Ad: ENNIE FOR PORSCHE

BLACKPINK, the leading girl group under YG Entertainment, stands for power, grace, majesty, and style. It is so understandable why many high-end brands choose the four women to represent their brand.

On October 11, 2022, BLINKs postulated that since BLACKPINK Jennie’s moniker “Jennie Ruby Jane” is overlaid on the walls of the Sondewunsch project, she would attend Porsche’s pop-up event in Seoul. As BLINKS thinks back to Jennie’s excitement for clouds, this rumor intensifies.

A new patron for the Sondewunsch Project is reportedly being worked with by the luxury car manufacturer Porsche, according to some Instagram photographs that Porsche Korea uploaded.

Fans who were paying attention quickly identified the owner of the recognizable side face figure in the post even though the photographs did not fully expose the new client’s face.

BLACKPINK member appears in new Porsche advertisement, thanks to Jennie Through YG Entertainment’s billboard announcement that Porsche is one of the sponsors of BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK” World Tour, which will begin on October 15 in Seoul, Jennie’s partnership with Porsche deepened.

The fact that Porsche is supporting BLACKPINK’s international tour shows how far along Jennie and Porsche are in their relationship.

The Sonderwunsch Project’s clients are expected to create a customized blueprint of a current Porsche vehicle. This explains why Jennie was shown in the teaser images looking like she was designing or sketching on paper.

BLINKs added that Jennie’s TAMBURINS advertisement, in which she was shown coming in a magnificent red Porsche, is already a foreshadowing of the month-long preparation for the major project collaboration.

Twitter users also commented on Jennie and her mother’s passion for Porsche and the fact that they have owned a few of the brand’s vehicles in the past. This is presumably one of the predestined alliances that Jennie’s fate has woven for her.

BLINKs’ Response to BLACKPINK’s Jennie Appearing in a New Porsche Ad
The group and the business have benefited from Jennie’s work in a number of ways. This would not be the first time that a business would support BLACKPINK’s ambitions, since Porsche has already joined the sponsorship for her world tour.

Some people remembered that JenniexGM brought Gentle Monster to help finance the making of Game Caterers, an episode of YG Entertainment.

According to yearly reports from significant and high-end luxury businesses, Porsche will continue to be in the driver’s seat in 2021 and 2022.

Jennie and her bandmates are undoubtedly some of K-powerful pop’s queens.

How do you enjoy this dynamic partnership between Porsche and BLACKPINK Jennie, BLINKs?

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