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BLACKPINK Rosé Has Been Criticized For Not Taking Music Career Serious

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Knetizens say Blackpink Rosé has been passionate about fashion than music
Rosé went to see the fashion show during the tour

Knetizens Reactions:

1. That’s why their stage was a mess

2. I’m not surprised anymore

3. She hangs out with celebrities again

4. No, but is it right to do other activities during the tour? I have never seen such an idol before

5. But it seems that this girl is actually more into fashion than music

6. Mistakes will be forgiven, but it’s not a mistake, it’s a matter of will

7. I think she needs to practice more during that time

8. You are blindsided by your jealousy and inferiority complex, that’s why you posted this post at 7am

9. If you do your main job with that attitude, eventually everything will be a thing of the past

10. She was invited to an art film gala, not a fashion show. She went and met Kendall Jenner


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