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BLANK2Y Youngbin Profile, Age, Real Name, Trivia, Background, Net Worth 2023

About Youngbin

Singer Youngbin represents Keystone Entertainment in South Korea. He gained notoriety prior to his debut for playing part in the reality competition I-LAND while represented by Belift Lab. Youngbin eventually made his BLANK2Y debut in 2022 after quitting the agency.


BIRTH NAME: Lee Youngbin

BIRTH DATE: November 23, 2001

BIRTH PLACE: Busan, South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’10


Early Life And Career

South Korean-born Youngbin is a former singer. He used to be a member of the boy band BLANK2Y.

He rose to fame mostly as a result of his participation in the reality show I-LAND.

As a contestant on the then-upcoming survival series I-LAND from CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment, Youngbin made his broadcast debut on June 4, 2020.On the first episode, he performed “Crown” by TXT alongside Sunoo and Jake and was granted access to “I-LAND.” In the third episode, the I-LANDER team’s half was forced to go to “Ground” due to an average score of 59. Following a unanimous refusal from the other contestants, Youngbin was the first contestant to be eliminated.

Youngbin joined “I-LAND” in the fourth episode after BTS sang “Fire” on the Ground. Nevertheless, he received 11 votes in total and was sent back to “Ground” on the sixth episode. Regrettably, on the seventh episode, he was let go from the show and was unable to participate in Part 2.

“CIELOGROOVE Project Vol. 2,” BLANK2Y, 2021–2023.
On October 28, 2021, Youngbin made an appearance on the CIELOGROOVE project single “CIELOGROOVE Project Vol.2”.

Keystone Entertainment unveiled Youngbin as the first member of the upcoming boy band BLANK2Y on December 16.They released their debut mini album, K2Y I: Confidence [Thumbs Up], on May 24, 2022.

On February 25, 2023, an unknown source filed a complaint of dating assault against the idol “Y” (later identified as Youngbin). In a statement released later that day, KeyStone Entertainment announced that Youngbin had indeed departed BLANK2Y.

Youngbin Quick Facts

He participated in the I-Land competition but was not chosen for the final debut team (Enhypen).
I-Land had four months of preparation under his belt when he began. He’s been practicing as of 2022.
has a close bond with his older sister.
His Chinese zodiac sign is the snake.
He was a former Belift:Lab trainee.
Rain is the person he looks up to.
A ballad is a tune that he can sing with assurance.
During his time in I-Land, he selected a llama as his emblematic animal, and the emoji has stuck with him.
Due to his gorgeous visuals and propensity to receive and pose with roses during fan signings, he also acquired the rose emoji while in Blank2y.
He excels in basketball. He used to aggressively play it, but now he just plays it for fun.
He is terrified of the buzzing of flies and bees.
He prefers iced tea with an Americano shot.
He was getting ready to apply to a sports university in high school.
He enjoys Baekhyun’s (EXO) music and plans to practice and pick up some of his vocal techniques.
He enjoys smelling nice things. He has been wearing the perfume for the past two years after finally finding one he likes and that matches him.
Because he claims to have a lot of body heat, he claims that winter is his favorite season.
Panther is a pet. (Film Friday Plus)
He finds thrill coasters and terrifying movies to be entertaining.

Youngbin Trivia

He has an ENTJ MBTI personality type.
His sport was basketball.l

Youngbin Net worth

Sungbin’s current worth is unknown. U think he’s cool, at least that’s what they say. His appearance belies his age. He has dark hair and eyes.

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